Backups and Data Protection to Make Sure Your Data Stays Safe and Secure

We offer backup services to ensure all of your personal data is safe. You wouldn’t want to lose things such as music, movies, or photos that you’ve spent years accumulating, so make sure your data is protected. Backup is typically an operational function or process of saving or copying your files to another hard drive, external drive, or other storage media. Data Protection refers to maintaining your files in proper order and protecting them from threats and, as such, is more of a security function.

There are internal backups, as well as external backups, and cloud based backup options. Which is best for your situation depends greatly on what kind of files you’re using, how often these files change, their size, and how quickly you need access to them. For most home users, new cloud backups offer an ideal combination of price, security, and access. However, if your business is running mission critical systems and needs access to these files at all times, an inexpensive Google Drive, Dropbox, or Carbonite cloud storage account probably won’t do the job.

With computer systems constantly changing, and with the prevalent threat of viruses, malware, and ransomware increasingly looming, both BackUps & Data Protection are a must for most people. It’s a good idea to talk to a professional that can quickly assess your needs and advise you about the most effective solution.