The Latest Software to Keep You Working Smart.

We use a computer because of it’s software, and what the software allows you to do. Out of date software can create many problems for you and your computer. If you’re having issues with software problems, we can adjust settings, update software drivers, install updates, check compatibility issues, or fix corrupted files that may be broken.

Whenever possible we make sure all of the software on your devices are up to date and working properly.

But when we look at how software can help you with your daily home or work life, software is constantly changing. 

Some software needs to be installed on your computer, other software is accessible via the web on your browser. There are new web-based software programs for just about everything from organizing your day, managing your contacts, or keeping track of those pesky passwords we all keep forgetting. You can use software at home for many things including:

  1. Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Presentations, Email
  2. Education, Reading, News and Hobbies
  3. Antivirus / Antimalware
  4. File archiving
  5. Gaming and entertainment
  6. Digital Photography Editing, Video Editing
  7. Media consumption (Music & Video
  8. Video Chat (Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams)
  9. Web browsing
  10. Home Security

For business it’s often for other reasons, like:

  1. Document and file management
  2. Accounting
  3. Logistics and Inventory Management
  4. CRM : Customer Relationship Management
  5. Team Collaboration
  6. Systems & Facility Security
  7. Drawing and Drafting
  8. Field or industry specific applications
  9. Marketing & Sales
  10. Inter-office networking

You’d be surprised to learn how much free software there is today, like Google Docs, a free alternative to Microsoft Office. Let Mobile Computer Doctors help you navigate the complexities of today’s modern software solutions.